Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

The Viconsult Company offers prompt and professional assistance in obtaining permits for dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are categorized as food products, and are subject to the updated Law on food products.

Retail chains and pharmacies are interested in purchasing products, the quality of which is documented. Our company can assist you in obtaining following documents:

• Research reports on the production batch confirming that the current regulatory documentation for the product safety features includes the content of heavy metals and microbial indicators. Such protocol is issued for imported production batch.

• The approval of the text labels - confirms the correctness of the information applied to the packaging and its compliance with legislation on dietary supplements.

• Report on the designation of the products to dietary supplements-confirms that your product is not just a food product, and has the properties of dietary supplements and can be used as an additional source of nutrients. This report contains the agreed text labels on products, especially if you have any questions about the accuracy of marking and volume of the information, which should be printed on the label.

• Voluntary certificate of conformity -shows the product safety requirements under current regulations and be issued by an accredited body. Such document will be relevant to enhance the prestige of products in sales.

To obtain these documents it is necessary to provide samples for testing of products, as well as the following documents:

• Application of the established sample;

• Recommendations for use (instructions);

• Specifications

• Documents from the manufacturer`s country certifying the safety and quality of the object of registration;

• Information about registration in the country of origin and a list of countries where it is registered;

• When it is available, scientific reports, research reports and other information regarding the safety performance and the quality of the registration of the object.

All documents must be provided in the form of copies, notarization is not required. If copies are made from the originals in the foreign language, they shall be translated into Ukrainian or Russian.

Professionals of "the Viconsult Company" have extensive experience and knowledge in obtaining permits for dietary supplements.

All our obligations are specified in the Contract. Quality and timely execution of the obligations for each customer is the basis of our philosophy, and distinguishing characteristic over our competitors.

Responsible specialists
Nataliia Berezovska
Head of the Authorization Documents Office, Dietary supplements and disinfectants
+38 044 228-61-84
+38 093 111-76-33
Nataliia Berezovska
Viktoriia Kovaliova
Legal assistant of the department for permit documentation, dietary supplements and disinfectants
+38 093 537-18-82
Viktoriia Kovaliova
Juliia Darchuk
Managing Partner, Head of Department Standardization and Certification in Ukraine and EU countries
+38 093 469-39-69
Juliia Darchuk