Certification of conformity / quality

Certification of conformity / quality

Pay attention! The inspections of the State Food and Consumer Enterprise of the food industry enterprises began. Protect yourself - prepare all necessary documents in advance!

Oftenly, a certificate of conformity or a quality certificate needed.

Certificate of conformityis a document, which confirms that quality, safety and other requirements for the corresponding products meet the requirements of normative documents. This document is issued by an accredited certification body on a special form.

The certificate can be obtained for both imported and manufactured products in Ukraine.

To obtain a certificate for imported products you must provide: the code of Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity for products and get all documents that confirm the quality of products from the manufacturer.

For domestic products mandatory requirement is the presence of a normative document (the standard of National Standards of Ukraine, Specifications, State standard, etc.), which sets the requirements for such products.

Certificates of conformity are issuing for different periods: on a batch of products, or on serial production or import for 1 year, for 2 or for 3 years. >The certificate issued for the batch of products clearly indicates the quantity of already manufactured products, which are imported or made with its serial numbers. This certificate is suitable for one-time deliveries or for production of several copies of products. If you plan to produce or import products continuously for a certain times, then you need a serial certificate. A certificate issued for more than 1 year requires annual technical supervision. The certificate for a term of 3 years issues only if there is a quality management system at the enterprise. Our experts will help you to choose the most optimal version of the certificate for the most expiration term and price.

The Certificate of Conformity allows you to confirm the quality of your products and the conformity to the normative document from a third-party documentary. The presence of such a certificate is required for tenders, stores, supermarkets and other retail chains, and for the supply of products both in Ukraine and in other countries.

The Certificate of quality is a document that forms and issues by the manufacturer on properly packed and loaded in a vehicle batch of products, and certifies the compliance of the quality and safety indicators with the requirements of state standards and other regulatory documents or export control.

The Certificate of quality may also be called the manufacturer's declaration , because the manufacturer may also declare by himself the quality indices of his products in this document. The need to issue a manufacturer's declaration is usually the responsibility of food producers, since such a document is required for every delivery of products. The Certificate of quality bases on test reports.

Specialists of our company can provide you with a full range of services for preparation for obtaining a quality certificate: from the necessary tests to drawing up a layout of the certificate, which you can for presenting to different costumers.

The experts of our company will assume the full range of works for obtaining different types of certificates:

  • Preparation and control over the correctness of the documentation;
  • Submissing documents to the relevant authorities;
  • Control over all test processes (in case if it is necessary);
  • Solution of emerging force majeure situations;

Dear Customers, remember that Product Certification will help you to increase the consumer attractiveness and competitiveness of your product on the market among similar products, and will help your company to take more advantageous position among its competitors by participating in various types of tenders.