Residence permit without grounds

Residence permit without grounds

The list of reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners is clearly regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. However, if you see that you do not fall under any of the categories that give you the right to get a permit, we can offer you to get it on the basis of opening a business in Ukraine.

A foreigner can open a business in Ukraine by registering a company. For a foreigner, business registration is possible on the basis of a foreign passport. There is also an option to join an existing enterprise. The best option is still to open your own company, in which you will be confident and will be able to directly manage your business.

Opening a business in Ukraine gives a foreign citizen the opportunity to obtain an employment permit, which in turn will provide an opportunity to issue a temporary residence permit.

A permit based on employment will give a foreigner legal grounds for staying in Ukraine for a long time (up to 2 years).

If you want to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you need to have a "D-04" visa. If you entered the territory of Ukraine with a tourist visa or any other visa, you must leave the territory of Ukraine and obtain a "D-04" visa from the Embassy of Ukraine.

However, for citizens of the following countries: the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan - the requirement to obtain a "D-04" visa does not apply. In turn, citizens of these countries must leave the country and enter after establishing a company and obtaining a Permit, and change the purpose of entry from tourist to business.

    We have several stages for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine based on starting a business, namely:
  1. Obtaining an identification code for a foreign citizen (necessary for company registration);
  2. Registration of the enterprise with the State Registrar;
  3. Obtaining a permit for the employment of a foreigner;
  4. Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine based on an employment permit;
  5. Registration of place of residence in Ukraine.

Specialists of the ViConsult company, if necessary, will also provide services for maintenance, support of enterprise activities, bookkeeping, tax payments, reporting.

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