Registration of disinfectants

Registration of disinfectants

Disinfectants, which are imported in Ukraine, are subject to mandatory State registration.

Certificate of registration is issued for 5 years; however, this period may be shortened at the request of the customer.

In order to register, you need the following documents:

  • Name of the product (trade name in the original language, English and Ukrainian);
  • Name of the applicant (address, telephone, fax, e-mail), registration number;
  • Manufacturer’s name (address, telephone, fax, e-mail), registration number;
  • Composition of the product, release form, packaging;
  • Purpose of use;
  • Mode of use;
  • Label design;
  • A draft of the user`s manual;
  • Sample of product;
  • Code according to the UKTZED (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity).

In addition, if there is:

  • Safety data sheets on the products;
  • Laboratory research of the product: toxicological studies, his spectral analysis, physical and chemical indicators, the spectrum of antimicrobial action;
  • The contract, a contract for the supply of disinfectant;

Term of registration depends on the completeness of a set of documents and the quality of information.

Professionals of "the Viconsult Company" offers "turnkey" registration, advice on registration and documentation.

Responsible specialists
Viktoriia Kovaliova
Legal assistant of the department for permit documentation, dietary supplements and disinfectants
+38 093 537-18-82
Viktoriia Kovaliova
Nataliia Berezovska
Head of the Authorization Documents Office, Dietary supplements and disinfectants
+38 044 228-61-84
+38 093 111-76-33
Nataliia Berezovska
Juliia Darchuk
Managing Partner, Head of Department Standardization and Certification in Ukraine and EU countries
+38 093 469-39-69
Juliia Darchuk