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Industrial design patent

Industrial design patent

Industrial design as a result of creativeness in styling field is a material object that has unique esthetic and usable attributes because of its built-in essential characteristics. Whole complex of this essential characteristics define industrial designs correspondence to terms of legal safeguard.

A form of protection of industrial design is an issue of title of protection – a patent. For acquisition the protection, industrial design must to possess such a standard of patentability as novelty. Application for a patent with attended documents should be handed in public agency, where the materials of the application are undergoing a formal examination on legal conformity. A phase of preparation of application is very important because it influence on a result of the whole procedure – an acquisition of patent. At the same time, a patenting procedure is very capacious and contains a lot of actions in a strength regulated terms.

After the patent granting you become a right to use your object the way you prefer: sell, fully transmit or transfer the right on usage to other persons, forbid illegal usage of your design, ets. At the same time a fact of disposal the rights on industrial designs are displayed in the public register.

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