Special trainings

Special trainings

On the Ukrainian labor market you can easily find a programmer, a lawyer and an accountant. But in today's conditions of a market economy and a complex situation in the sphere of production, there is an urgent need for specialists who have different working skills.

The presence of highly skilled specialists at the enterprise, as well as the possibility of increasing the professional and educational level of employees, are the main factors influencing the achievement of high-ranking enterprises in a context of severe competition.

We will help you to find an educational institution according to your individual requirements, choose a convenient occupation and make all necessary documents.

The training combines we work with are conducting vocational and technical trainings in the following specialties:

1 Electric welder for manual welding
2 Electric welder
3 Gas cutter
4 Assembler of steel and reinforced concrete structures installation.
5 strapper
6 Electrician that specialises on repairing and maintaining electrical equipment
7 Boilers house operator.
8 Multidisciplinary machine operator.
9 Trucking cranes engineer
10 Automatic hydraulic rams towers vehicle engineer.
11 Hoistman.
12 Loader driver (auto, electric, battery).
13 Locksmith for operating and repairing gas equipment.
14 Stonemason.
15 Concrete worker
16 Assembler of sanitary engineering systems and equipment.
17 An assembler of ventilation systems, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration
18 Mechanic for instrumentation and automation (electrical).
19 Adjuster of control devices and automation.
20 Gas station operator.
21 Engineer of refrigeration facilities.

Also, engineering and technical workers can take special training courses in the following areas:

1 Rules elevators for the constructioning and safe operating.
2 Trainings of elevators safe operating (elevator operator).
3 Trainings of elevators safe operating (electromechanic).
4 Rules of pressure vesselsthe constructioning and safe operating.
5 Training of pressure vessels safe maintenance.
6 Rules of steam and hot water boilersfor constructioning and safe operating.
7 Training on safe maintenance of boilers electric equipment, control and measuring equipment, chemical water treatment, feeding pumps and other auxiliary equipment.
8 Rules of steam and hot water pipelines constructioning and safe operating.
9 Training of steam and hot water pipelines safe maintenancing.
10 Training rules of steam and water heating boilers safe operating with the right of boiler operator.
11 Rules of labor protection in case of work performance at an altitude.
12 Training of safe performance of work at an altitude using hoisting cranes (winches for lifting loads and (or) workers, manual and electrical mats, as well as cats, blocks and polyspaces, cradles (construction and hoisting cranes) of lifts; automobile ladders; mobile mechanized regiments.
13 Safety rules for gas supply systems.
14 Safe methods and techniques for performing works in the gas industry.
15 Rules of steam and hot water boilers structuring and safe operating (with a pressure not exceeding 0,07 MPa and t not higher than 115 ).
16 Training of steam and hot water boilers safe operating (with a pressure not exceeding 0,07 MPa and t not higher than 115 ) with the right of boiler house operator.
17 Rules of elevators constructioning and safe operating.
18 Training of elevators safe operating with the right of engineer.
19 Training of elevators on safe operating with the right of the engineer/locksmith.
20 Rules of forklifts constructioning and safe operating.
21 Training of forklifts safe operating with the right engineer.
22 Training of forklifts safe handling.
23 Training and testing of knowledge labor protection.
24 Training and testing knowledge of workers occupational safety in workers' professions.
25 Rules of labor protection during operating heat-mechanic equipment of power plants, heating networks and heat-utilizing installations.
26 Rules of preparating heat farms for heating season.
27 Rules for safe working with tools and devices.
28 trainings of safe working with tools and devices
29 Rules for labor protection during the operating with electronic computers.
30 Rules for structuring and safe operating stationary compressor plants, air ducts and gas pipelines
31 Labor protection and industrial safety in the construction of DBN A.3.2-2-2009 SASB.
32 Rules for safe operating and labor protection at stationary, container and mobile stations.
33 Rules for safe operating and maintenance of equipment for automobile gas refueling compressor stations (AGNKS, AGZS)
34 Rules of safety and industrial sanitation during operation of tank farms and petrol stations.
35 Rules of occupational safety on the road transport.
36 Safe working practicies for road transport.
37 Training and testing of officials and specialists fire and technical minimum knowledge.
38 Training and testing workers fire and technical minimum knowledge
39 Rules of ammonia refrigeration units constructioning and safe operating.
40 Rules of welders attestation.
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