Identification number (code) for a foreigner

Identification number (code) for a foreigner

identification code is a personal ten-digit code of the taxpayer in the State Register of Individuals. This number is individual and is intended to identify a person for paying taxes and other mandatory payments. RNOKPP is assigned to residents and non-residents of Ukraine, regardless of age.

    A foreign citizen needs identification code in Ukraine for:
  • accrual and payment of any income received on the territory of Ukraine;
  • running a business (sole trader or legal entity);
  • opening bank accounts;
  • conclusion of transactions that require notarization;
  • certification of founding documents involving a foreigner, etc.

The body responsible for issuing the identification code is the State Tax Inspectorate, which is located at the place of residence of the foreigner or at the place of receipt of income.

    The documents required for registration of the identification code includes:

  • notarized translation of the foreigner's passport into Ukrainian with passport data and a page of the passport with a note of the last entry into Ukraine;
  • completed registration card (application for registration of identification code);
  • permit for temporary or permanent residence of a foreigner in Ukraine (if available).

      Additionally is required:

    • tax number of a foreigner in the country of citizenship;
    • data on the person's registered place of residence in Ukraine;
    • notarized power of attorney to our company for us to submit and receive the document without the personal presence of a foreigner.

      Registration of the identification code for a foreign minor requires the submission of the following documents:

    • notarized copy of the translation of the child's birth certificate;
    • notarized copy of the translation of the passport of one of the parents;
    • Completed registration card (application for registration of identification code).

    The deadline for issuing such a document is 5 working days.

    The result is the assignment of the identification code to the person and the receipt of a certificate of assignment of the Registration number of the taxpayer's registration card.

    The specialists of our company can help in the preparation of documents and the submission of documents to the tax authorities for the registration of identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine.

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