Registration of fertilizers in Ukraine

Registration of fertilizers in Ukraine

If you plan to import fertilizers or other agrochemicals and pesticides to Ukraine, you should take care of obtaining the necessary licensing documents. Almost all fertilizers and agrochemicals are subject to obligatory registration on the territory of Ukraine (including the type earthworm castings organic fertilizer). The exceptions are agrochemicals are included in the "list of agrochemicals that are allowed to be imported into the customs territory of Ukraine, production, trade, use and advertisement without their State registration.”

As a result of the registration procedure you will receive the certificate on State registration issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, with the term of validity from 1 to 10 years.

The procedure of fertilizers registration lasts about 1 year and consists of several stages:

1) Inclusion in the plan of the State tests (deadline to 25 March of current year);

2) Importing the samples fortesting;

3) Testing (biological efficiency, ecological and toxicological damage);

4) Registration of fertilizers after all these tests.

For nitrogen fertilizers, as the most popular, there are some advantages:

-inclusion in the test plan throughout the year, not only to 25 March;

-faster procedure of registration.

Viconsult Company will register both domestic and imported fertilizers "turnkey". If you contact us, you will receive the qualified help in registration of your product. Moreover,our specialists can give you detailed consultation on the procedure for the registration of fertilizers, or help you with a particular stage of the registration procedure.

Registration of pesticides is more lengthy and complicated process than registration of fertilizers, and can last for much longer period and require more complex researches.

For fertilizers, which are not subject to registration, it is necessary to obtain other permits.

For imported products, you need to obtain the conclusion of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination and testing protocols for radionuclides and heavy metals. The manufacturer provides material Safety Data Sheet, quality certificate and other protocols.

Our specialists will assist you in obtaining all documents required for fertilizers, which are not subject to registration. If you are not sure whether you need to register your fertilizer, or it is included into the list of imported without registration, you can ask a question to our experts and they will prompt you what documents you need.

Last news...

Recently, with the help of our company, the American-made product IgniteS2® was registered. IgniteS2® contains a complex of substances necessary for effective plant growth. This fertilizer was priced very high during the field research. We are very glad that now such a high-quality product will appear on the Ukrainian market and will help our farmers grow their crops even better!

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