CE marking

CE marking

Today, the economy of the European Union (European Community) is one of the most powerful economies in the world, which constantly attracts producers from all over the world who want to start selling their products in EU countries.

Today, many Ukrainian manufacturers are interested in the possibility of entering the EU market. This market also creates difficulties for companies that are just planning to enter Europe or are already working there.

The manufacturer needs to prove that its products are safe, that they meet the necessary requirements, and will not constitute a threat to the consumer, will not harm the environment, and if in one word - comply with the requirements of the European Community (European Union).

After confirming such compliance, the manufacturer will be open to the market, and consumers will be confident in the quality of the products.

Our company organizes assistance in obtaining the following permits:

  • European certificate (CE Certificate of Conformity);
  • CE marking;
  • CE Declaration of Conformity;
  • Declaration of Performance;
  • ROHS (ROHS label, ROHS sign);
  • ATEX (ATEX marking, ATEX mark);
  • Registration certificates;
  • Product test reports.

Our company represents the interests of Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as other interested parties in obtaining such certificates. We offers our knowledge, experience and skills to allow you to turn the CE certification into a more pleasant and understandable process.

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