Support of social media marketing

Support of social media marketing

Today the business is rapidly moving to online, so it is already very difficult to imagine it without the kind of promotion like SMM.

Social Media Marketing is the creation and maintenance of pages or communities on social networks. Its goal is to increase the trust of the target audience, attract new customers, and increase profits.

ViConsult specialists try to always keep their hand on the pulse and offer their customers the latest solutions. Therefore, they use the most effective tools to promote your brand, such as:

  • Content marketing, which includes publications, photos, videos, live broadcasts, stories - everything about the content of a page or a group of brands;
  • Targeting advertising, namely, setting up an effective advertising campaign, with the right choice of target audience and proper budget allocation;
  • Comunity management, in the form of timely answers to questions and comments, involvement of the audience in the discussion of various topics, in order to increase activity in groups, as well as qualitative processing of objections and negative comments;
  • Intruitment of influencers and bloggers to collaborate, offering to tell your brand to your followers;
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  • Designing accounts for aesthetic appeal.

Instagram and Facebook.

The largest social media platforms we use to support and administer our brand.

If your main target audience is 35+ users, then you should choose to promote your business in Facebook, because the audience is mostly older, this network is more focused on business people, services, information and educational products, as well as production.

If Facebook is more focused on writing longrides, then such a platform as Instagram - on photos and video content. Therefore, here, more emphasis is placed on visuals, conducting online events, constant contact with the target audience through stories and live broadcasts. It is more suitable for live sales, stores, salons, groups and personal blogs.

Surely, by choosing promotion at both sites, you will double your audience coverage.

What's part of our SMM specialist's work:

  • analyst;
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  • analysis of the sphere of activity of the client and competitors on Instagram and Facebook;
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  • general promotion strategy
  • design;
  • content filling;
  • administration and moderation;
  • advertising setup;
  • efficiency analysis;
  • accountability.

What SMM gives to business:

  • increasing customer recognition and brand loyalty;
  • reputation management (work with negative reviews, crisis management);
  • additional advertising space and, accordingly, new transitions to the site and other sites of the brand, if necessary;
  • an additional platform for all kinds of surveys, analytics, contests, raffles, information about the shares with minimum investment.

What are the benefits of working with us:

  • Aggregate approach - we work on each account in a complex way, starting with the study of its product and ending with the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising;
  • Individual approach - we take into account the company's objectives, product/service, target audience and budget of the client;
  • Modern solutions - our company is in step with the times, so by contacting us you can be sure of the competitiveness of your business in social networks.

ViConsult specialists will help you with SMM promotion to get to know your customers better, get to know them, find out what they want and help to increase trust in your company through social networks.

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