Permission to use machines, mechanisms, equipment of increased danger

Permission to use machines, mechanisms, equipment of increased danger

Pay Attention!

The Government amends the Procedure for issuing permits for work of high danger.

The Cabinet makes significant changes to the Procedure for issuing permits for operation and exploitation (application) of high-risk equipment by Decree from February 7, 2018 No.48

According to the Decree, the list of work of high danger, and the machinery, mechanisms, equipment operated (used) on the basis of State Labor Law permission, has been shortened by changing it into declarative principle.

This Permit is required for those Ukrainian producers, as well as for enterprises that supply products of foreign origin to Ukrainian markets. And the need in obtaining this kind of permit is also regulated by Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine "About Occupational Safety".

To determine the need in obtaining this Permit, you have to check out next: if the product falls under the category of goods specified in the CMU Decree No. 1107 of October 26, 2011, then the existence of the Application Permit them is required .

Pay Attention!

The Application Permit has some features that few people know:

  • It issues only for companies that are registered in Ukraine;
  • It has no expiration date and issues indefinitely;
  • In some cases, a Declaration of Conformity, or a Certificate of Conformity, may be required for its obtaining;
  • For obtaining it you don't need to undergo trainings in labor protection or to get work safety documents.

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To get started, you need to provide the following information about your product - a passport or instruction /operating manual, in order to determine which item under Decree falls into this equipment.


  1. Equipment related with production (manufacture), using, processing, distributing, storage, transportation, use, disposal of explosive and dangerous substances of classes 1 and 2, the mass of which is equal to or exceeds the values of norms of threshold masses.
  2. Technological equipment and its main gas pipelines, oil pipelines, product pipelines, petroleum products, nuclear power plants, system gas supply and natural gas of economic entities and settlements, systemic industrial and inter-industrial taxes and gas, objects of the industrial and industrial industry, as well as gas-consuming equipment with capacity more than 0,1 MW.
  3. Technological equipment for utilization of weapons, conventional types of ammunition and missile products.
  4. Mining equipment, mining rescue equipment and extraction equipment, transportation, crushing, sorting and enrichment of minerals and forging of ores and concentrates in coal, mining, nonmetallic, metallurgical and coke industries.
  5. Equipment and technical means for manufacturing, using and transportation of explosive materials and products on their basis, complexes for their remaking and storage
  6. Technological equipment of chemical, biochemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing, metallurgical, coke-chemical, foundry, oil-fat, oil-fiber, wood-working, food processing, processing, printing, light and textile industries, pulp and paper, chlorine and ammonia-producing industries, plastics remaking, polymer materials and rubber products.
  7. Equipment and protective systems intended for operation (application) in potentially explosive environments.
  8. Equipment with voltage over 1000 V (electrical equipment of electric power stations and networks; technological electrical equipment.
  9. Steam and hot water boilers with a heat output of more than 0,1 MW.
  10. Steam and hot water pipelines with a working pressure of more than 0,05 MPa and a heating temperature of more than 110 ° C, vessels operating at pressures above 0,05 MPa, in addition to automotive gas cylinders that are gas engine fuel tanks.
  11. Lifting cranes and cars, lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors, passenger hanging ropeways, funiculars, lifts and cradles for lifting workers.

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