Utility model

Utility model

The procedure of filing application by non-resident to obtain a patent for utility model in Ukraine is not much different from the procedure of filing the application to obtain patent on invention.

In order to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) there is a short procedure for filing and obtaining a patent for utility model at the international level (in the countries which has signed the Treaty). The procedure of the international application from the date of its filing and before a determination on the patentability of the claimed utility model is divided into two phases: the international and national.

National Phase - this is the second of the two main phases of the PCT procedure. It follows the international phase and includes the processing of the international application in each of the Patent Offices of the Contracting States which have been specified by the applicant, according to the procedure provided for by the legislation of the country of patenting.

Key thing to be considered for this item - is that a utility model, as an object of intellectual property that does not exist in all countries.

Ukraine is one of the countries where legislation provides protection of the utility model as the object of intellectual property. Moreover here in Ukraine, this object is highly demanded and very popular.

Non-resident clients who are planning to transit to the national phase of PCT, as well as those non-residents who are planning to get patent under the Paris Convention (non-PCT) in Ukraine can rely on our experience of the timely implementation of all necessary actions to obtain a patent for utility model.

Consultancy service to our clients not only include aspects of the application and receipt by them titles of protection but also the overall strategy of patenting and the optimum amount of rights, depending on whether the customer wants only to protect their rights or to maximize the value of patents.

At this stage it is especially important to choice the right patent attorney, because it affects your future costs and largely the final result of getting the title of protection.

Non residents may also apply for the state registration of utility model directly to the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property", without using PCT procedure.

Non-resident applicants and foreign corporate entities must conduct business with the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property" only through patent attorneys. Credentials of patent attorney should be proved by appropriate power of attorney. Such power of attorney should be made in writing and does not require notarization.

To get started, we need the following information:

  • Full text of the description, claims, abstract, drawings (in Russian, English, German or French);
  • Information about the applicant (s) with address of residence / location;
  • Information about the author (s) including the address of residence;
  • Information on previously submitted applications (№ of application, the priority date, country of origin);
  • Full contact information (your address, phone, fax, E-mail).

Afterwards we will be able to provide you with a list of expenses, such as:

  • State Enterprise "Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property" fee,
  • cost for all translations into Ukrainian language,
  • the cost of our services regarding to the patenting of inventions in Ukraine.

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