About Us

About Us

Patent and Law Agency Viconsult has been in the market of information, consulting and legal services for more than 20 years. Our team consists of experts in various fields of business and law. Each specialist is a professional in his field, with years of experience of success, so we are together solving the tasks that confront our clients.

Organizer and inspirer of Viconsult a Patent Attorney Zaichenko Viktoriia Leonardovna (registration number 329), which laid down and supported in working with clients the following principles:

  • Responsibility - we are very responsible attitude to the provision of services to clients.
  • Quality - we carry out continuous quality control services. The quality management system of the company is certified according to the standard ISO 9001.
  • Complexity - we strive to provide services as far as possible the complex. Even if our team is not the right specialist, then we have reliable partners who can fulfill part of the order, with the knowledge and consent of the client and, if necessary under our control.
  • Individual approach - agency staff understand that do not work on an assembly line and it is important to grasp not only the specific task from the client, but also to understand the business objectives of the project the client to select the most effective ways to solve the problem. Sometimes based on our years of experience, we offer other options for achieving the goals, even if financially it is not beneficial to us.
The result of following these principles, a strong positive reputation of our team and as a consequence of long-term cooperation with regular customers

The advantage of our team - never stop there, be always aware of recent changes in legislation and the actual procedures for the preparation and submission of documents to various agencies, it saves time and money as a result of the client.

Our achievements to date - it's a great experience and knowledge in various business areas. Products and their production in different regions have specific details in the design of permitting documents in advance on the market. We are ready to advise you of the promise, procedures and budget to promote any product from a brand to a complete package of documents for the import, manufacture, sale or export.

We work with all clients, both beginners and long time working in business as a manufacturer and the importer or exporter. It does not matter to our customer author-inventor or a large multinational corporation, we will try to solve the same tasks. In business, no details - everything has its value, and everything is connected, which is why 20 years, we always try to use complex analysis to solve problems of clients.

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