Reconstruction of Ukraine: strengthening the role of intellectual property


Reconstruction of Ukraine: strengthening the role of intellectual property

Business in Ukraine: new opportunities

No one knows exactly when this war will end, but today everyone is convinced that it will end in victory for Ukraine. And after the war will come a time of great reconstruction, when all the people and with the support of the whole world will finally have a chance to rebuild Ukraine.

Therefore, professional forces must properly prepare for victory.

At present, Ukraine is on the verge of making an important decision to abolish all quotas and import duties, including protective and anti-dumping. Thus, Ukrainian producers will be able to freely export their products to markets that cover 54% of the world economy.

The United Kingdom, as the G7, is already setting an example. In the coming days, following the results of bilateral talks, the British will announce the full opening of their markets for Ukraine. Right now, with competition declining and promotion cheaper, many companies have a chance to express themselves, work and earn.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the reset of intellectual assets, because for any business theft and plagiarism of intellectual property is one of the factors that make it impossible to function.

Intellectual property in Ukraine

It is not always possible to accurately estimate the value of intellectual work, as any future can bring millions, but often unscrupulous and dishonest companies copy the logo or technology in the company, if it does not take care to protect its logo and patent patents, it will be difficult to resist.

It should be noted that your IP assets will be protected only if they are registered, in order to register them, you must file and submit an application to the patent office of the country where you need protection.

What are the benefits of registering your intellectual assets?

  • with increasing brand awareness, design increases profits;
  • it is possible to file lawsuits against violators and receive compensation from them, and violators, as practice shows, will definitely appear;
  • there is an opportunity to cooperate with marketplaces;
  • there is an opportunity to form goodwill, which increases the value of the company.

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